People often ask me what is Life coaching?

Some think it’s a fashion that will eventually fade away. Personally, I think everyone should experience coaching at least once in their life. The result is well worth the effort.
Coaching helps people rediscover themselves. How many of us can say for sure that they love themselves unconditionally?

Let’s take an example, you are at the office and you are getting bullied by your boss because you have forgotten a step in a very important process. The fact that you call your all possible names in your head is one thing, but you? How do you deal with this mistake that you probably could have avoided? Did you love yourself unconditionally at that time?

Let’s take another example, you go out for a run at least once a week, alone or with friends, until one day when you end up hurting your leg, nothing serious, but you have to stop running for at least 3 weeks. How do you treat this leg, which requires you to press the soft pedal on your sporting activity?

There are many aspects of ourselves. The one that we know and we agree to show to others, the one we know but we keep to ourselves and finally the one that others can see but we don’t.
This is precisely what Carl G. Jung referring to when he said that it is not by looking into the light that we become bright, but by accepting to put some light in our shadow areas.

Coaching is exactly that! Rediscovering who you truly are by accepting and loving every facet of yourself.